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They began each paragraph with a topic sentence, then the body, then ended with a conclusion. It really lifted Katie research paper summer spirits! We talked about only writing things that we knew to be true for our prior knowledge.

I got this idea from Life in 4B. We also talked about misconceptions. They did each paragraph on a separate piece of paper so that they could order the body paragraphs on their own.

HHP Doctoral Student Katherine Arlinghaus Wins Student Research Paper Contest

Once they decided what resources they were going to use, they had to "code" the resources. They were so tolerant, kind, and helpful.

Design an internet meme about your research 9. Take a day to just catch up on research reading As always, feel free to contact us with questions or comments at: Schedule a fall writing retreat of two days or more Your rough copy is complete.

But hey, they learned a vocabulary word. Katie research paper summer the paper details, upload files, and provide contact information — you are almost done! Find a newspaper article that cites a scientific study and read the original study Then, they put a small piece of clear tape on the bottom of each pocket.

I then provided them with fact slips, pockets, and manila folders. Let us know if you need any revisions and we will do it for you. Write an op-ed related to your research topic Use color-coded post-its, pens, or highlighters for note-taking 3. Click HERE to download the file from google docs!

Buy a special notebook and pen to use for your research journal 4. Launching a Summer Research Challenge [ Schedule a writing date with a friend 7.

Write a poem about your latest research project — haikus are encouraged 6. Thankfully, I made it through, and my eyes are set on summer. A fourth subtopic was optional. I required that each student used at least two resources.

When the students are finished collecting information, I have them go through and ensure that each pocket only has information pertaining to that subtopic.

The other could be an internet resource. Email a researcher you respect and thank them for their work In this segment, the following resources are mentioned: On the last day, I give each child an envelope addressed to me at the school address. Draft a strategic plan for your research over the next several years see the following two RIA episodes for tips and resources:Jun 08,  · Though they did not have to cite the sources in their research paper, I wanted to open their eyes to the fact that they need to give credit to where they find information.

I totally wish I would have thought about that! I have to write that down for next year:) Enjoy your summer!

Katie Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans. Reply Delete Author: From Classroom to Counselor. Student Research Topics Katie Hockensmith, Drury University; “Immunoprecipitation of ATP synthase using c subunit antibodies. Haggerty-Friedman Summer Scholar; Margaret Connolly, Tufts University School of Medicine.

"Different Lineages of Erythropoiesis Arise from Human Embryonic Stem Cells.". What Makes Work Meaningful — Or Meaningless Magazine: Summer Issue Research Feature June 01, Reading Time: 26 min Catherine Bailey and Adrian Madden.

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What does that include the sun. katie research paper summer. Tea Time Ideas. professional cv writing services; battery research papers; lions for lambs research paper. View Essay - Katie Bussard Assignment #2 Research Paper Critique from NURSING at University of Maryland, University College.

This is a critique of the quantitative research article titled%(5). Research in Action (RIA) is a podcast about topics and issues related to research in higher education featuring experts across a range of disciplines.

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RIA # Dr. Katie Linder Shares a Summer Research Challenge - Ecampus Research Unit | Oregon State University.

Katie research paper summer
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