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The horror fans usually tend to enjoy suspense and anxiety. Many people simply enjoy the intense thrill and excitement that comes with watching an action movie.

In Matrix, producers used computers many times. This is why it is helpful that the immense collection of films that have been made over the years can all be divided into different genres. There are countless action movies that I can remember. The essay is well argued Bibliography Errors: After years, television and cinema were invented, and people gradually understood the importance of these gadgets.

There are many different people outside of our houses and properties to make a movie about them. In such instances, these people would rather watch comedy films than struggle with their problems as they can escape from their reality.

Tim Dirks, "Horror Films," Filmsite, http: The first common type is comedies, and the second type is sentimental movies, and the most popular one is action movies. Sentimental films are one of the most popular movies and usually sentimental films take awards in Oscar cerenomy.

After that, they started to produce new films. The movies are an escape into a fantasy world; a way to leave behind the troubles of life and experience a totally different one.

Action films are always favourite since they are different from others. Horror films are a classification of movies that depend, at key moments, on the anticipation of something terrible about to happen.

With the rapid and continuous release of movies, this system of organization is necessary and any film-viewer should be grateful that it exists. The second type of movies is sentimental films. However, these films may or may not have a happy ending, so certain viewers may want to be a bit more cautious when considering to watch a romance.

Tim Dirks, "Comedy Films," Filmsite, http: I suppose that as viewers, we will have a chance to join the movie with a character which we choose from the movie and the scenerio will continue in the way that we act.

Comedies are defined as light-hearted dramas, crafted to amuse, entertain, and provoke enjoyment. Two Towers actually is a small-model. These films are the reel action films. In those years, there was no sound in movies, but people were able to laugh at the mimics and movements.

Many people also enjoy comedy films. The type of people who are usually drawn to this genre are those who feel like they need more excitement in their lives. Not only do these movies bring about spine-chilling action towards the audiences, they also help us navigate out of out colorless world and gives us a hero to idolize.

Many people resemble him to Charlie Chaplin because of his popularity and his similarity to Charlie.

However, everyone has a preference on what kind of movie is best. Tim Dirks, "Fantasy Films," Filmsite, http: They show us that life can be dangerous, dejected, bloody, and mortal or it can be glorious, innocent, and normal.

Bibliography Cooper, Rand Richards. In this types of movies, we usually come across with dramatic stories, modern love stories, and tragic love stories. Error, included access date Readability: This is because it provides merriment and a momentary escape from day-to-day life.

Both of these films have a unexpected love stories. The most renowned comedian is Charlie Chaplin becuse he knew to use this common language. They include naughty young people who make fun of their adulthood.

Comedies are mostly light-heaarted dramas made to amuse and entertain the audience. Minimal or no writing errors Writing Well: People who watch comeides might also take pride in making others laugh or just relaxis laid back people tend to find themselves in the comedy department when it comes movies.´╗┐Classification Essay Megan Lambert February 1, The Classification of Movie Goers Most people love to go to the movies.

The movies are an escape into a fantasy world; a way to leave behind the troubles of life and experience a totally different one. Romance, horror, action and comedy are the four main movie types.

The kind of movie. Classification Essay-Movie Goers Essay Sample. Classification Essay Megan Lambert February 1, The Classification of Movie Goers. Most people love to go to the movies.

A genre is a categorization of certain types of art based upon their style, form, or content.

Classification Essay-Movie Goers Essay Sample

Genre is a very important component of a film, because it defines which direction the plot line will go and allows you to prepare yourself for that film. Essays Related to Movie Genres. 1. The gothic genre is a type of movie and novel that /5(6).

There are several types of movies that people watch regularly, and we can catagorize them into three groups according to their popularity: comedies, action movies, and sentimental movies. The first type of movies is comedies. When it comes to movies, People have many different types of genres they prefer to watch.

It is easy to assume almost everyone has a preference when it comes to movies, because there have been so many different types made to appeal to all viewers. We will write a custom essay sample on Classification of Movies specifically for you for.

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Horace. 50 Years. Cause and Effect Essay. Horror films are a classification of movies that depend, and provoke enjoyment.

1 It is the ideal type of movie for people to watch if they've had a stressful day and just want to be entertained.

Classification essay types of movies
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