A comparison between the movies raise the red lantern and fargo

It feels like the history of a country, a culture and even a gender are all present in any randomly chosen frame of this serene and gorgeous poem. Gong Li as Songlian S: As Songlian retreats further into her solitude, she begins speaking of suicide; she reasons that dying is a better fate than being a concubine in the Chen household.

On her twentieth birthday, severely intoxicated and despondent over her bitter fate, Songlian inadvertently blurts out the details of the love affair between Meishan and Doctor Gao to Zhuoyun, who later catches the adulterous couple together. Zhang and Gong collaborated on several films in the s that also use color to terrible, beautiful effect — but I remember these films less perfectly than I do Raise the Red Lantern.

Minzhi, possessed of a stubborn streak, determines to bring him back. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, Shane can often be found at the cinema, the dog park, or off in a corner someplace, paraphrasing Groucho Marx. This filming style mirrors the strict tradi onal, expressionless society trapped in this neverending ritual.

Entirely apart from the plot, there is the sensuous pleasure of the architecture, the fabrics, the colour contrasts, the faces of the actresses. In Fargo, the opposite seems true, as Frances McDormand plays the only woman in the movie who has intelligence: The glowing reds the near faceless Master Chen lights a red lantern at the door of the concubine most in his favour and whom he will bed that nightthe tenuous yellows, and the half-light sunset grays inundate and overpower the viewer.

So I watched the film again. Zhang has circled around again to smaller-scale projects before: Within days, poverty forces the class troublemaker, Zhang Huike, to leave for the city to work. Her initial dislike for her situation is evident in her actions towards the master; she acts as if being with the master is unimportant.

Coming home to the red lanterns of Zhang Yimou and Gong Li: A conversation with Teju Cole

In fact, the master decides on a daily basis the concubine with whom he will spend the night; whomever he chooses gets her lanterns lit, receives the foot massage, gets her choice of menu items at mealtime, and gets the most attention and respect from the servants.

In realizing this, she has Amid the glamour and grandeur of the festival, ugly secrets are revealed. Raise the Red Lantern Pulling Focus: Oh, believe me, I do.Coming home to the red lanterns of Zhang Yimou and Gong Li: A conversation with Teju Cole the Oscar-nominated Raise the Red Lantern, I’d forgotten (though it’s possible I’d never recognized, until this watching) how stark and contained the movie is — aurally, visually, setting-wise.

What was your impression this time around? We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of “Raise the Red Lantern the important difference between the Zhang’s shots and the W-T shots would be the camera’s angle.

W-T would lower the camera slightly and drastically increase the angle in order to include the faces of the long deceased patriarchs in the same frames with the. View Essay - Red lanterns from HRM at Kenyatta University. A comparison between Zhang Yimous two movies Raise the red lantern andThe story of QiuJufocusing on the negative side of Confucianism.

Mar 20,  · Songlian (Gong Li), the college-educated beauty who arrives at a feudal manor house at the outset of Zhang Yimou's "Raise the Red Lantern," insists on carrying her own suitcase, which is virtually. On Yify TV you can Watch Raise the Red Lantern free instantly without waiting.

Compare ‘Raise the Red Lantern’ with the action-type movie of Hollywood Essay

Watch more Yimou Zhang 's movies for free on Yify TV. More search tags: Raise the Red billsimas.com4, Raise the Red Lantern full movie online, download online movies free on Yify TV. Raise the Red Lantern by Su Tong Brief summary of the novella In a Chinese town in the ’s or 30’s, four wives in a polygamous marriage jockey for.

A comparison between the movies raise the red lantern and fargo
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